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NAN Scholarship Award

The NAN Scholarship Award was established in Honor of Nancy Negley Krissoff, lovingly called Nan by all who knew her. Nancy was born and raised in San Antonio. Nancy was a beloved teacher who died suddenly on September 30, 2012 of a brain aneurysm, leaving behind her one year old son, husband, three sisters, two brothers, three nieces, three nephews, and her parents.

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The 2015 Nan Scholarship Award honoree is Amy Lyons, RN, BSN, ONC,

Amy Lyons
Amy Lyons, RN, BSN, ONC,

Amy has been a champion for the Batz Foundation over the past year. Amy and her team have successfully implemented the Batz Guide into the orthopedic unit at North Central Baptist. Amy believes the importance of having family and patients be part of the healthcare team. She has volunteered countless hours for the Batz Foundation and now hospitals from all over the country are asking her for guidance on how to implement the Batz Guides in their hospitals. We want to thank her for helping to educate patients and families and helping them to be part of her team at Baptist. Education is the key to reducing preventable medical errors in the United States.