Louise Batz

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Weezie’s Angel Healthcare Hero Award

Weezie's AngelIn 2014, The Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation developed the Weezie’s Angel Hero Award in honor of Louise Batz who was lovingly called Weezie by her family recognize those individuals in a hospital setting who go above and beyond in caring for patients, creating awareness, making good catches and advocating for patient safety.

Louise “Weezie” Batz, spent her life helping others and bringing joy to those around her. As her daughter Laura often says, she taught me how to love, respect and care for others, to never give up, to always persevere, and most importantly never to lose hope. When someone came to her with a problem, she would comfort them by saying, ‘It will be okay… together we will find the answer.’ She was my hero. She saved my life every day and still does.”

While the Weezie’s Angel award is an opportunity to honor each recipient’s commitment to safety, it can never truly convey our gratitude and thanks for the service they provide. Their ability to comfort, heal and save lives is truly extraordinary.

2020 Weezie's Angel Healthcare Hero Award Recipients

To view our video announcing our 2020 Weezie’s Angels Healthcare Heroes, please click HERE.


Please click on one of the recipients photos below to watch their interview.

2018 Weezie Angel Patient Safety Hero Award Recipients

  • Christine Aune, MD

  • Elizabeth & Scott Stephens

  • Katherine Brandt, MD

  • Katherine Johnson, MD

  • Kimberlea King, BSN, RN

  • Lisa Sanchez, RN

  • Sammie Smith

2017 Weezie Angel Patient Safety Hero Award Recipients

  • Damita J. Williams

  • Emilie Burgess

  • Jennifer Milton

  • Megan Morrison

  • Staci Almager

  • Stephanie Mandujano

  • Veronica Young

2016 Weezie Angel Patient Safety Hero Award Recipients

  • Cindy Cassity

  • Dr. William Sutker

  • Dr. Yan Xiao

  • Irenia Vinuya

  • Nancy Negley Krissoff

  • Nelson Tuazon

  • Sandra Slodkoski

  • Veronica Montemayor

  • Wlise Matocha

2015 Weezie Angel Patient Safety Hero Award Recipients

  • Jon Alonzo

    Jon Alonzo

  • Jane Appleby

    Dr. Jane Appleby

  • Tommye Austin, PhD

  • Dr. Paul Curry

  • Kenneth Davis

    Dr. Kenneth Davis

  • Dr. Lawrence Lynn

  • Amy Lyons

    Amy Lyons

  • Mark Montoney

    Dr. Mark Montoney

  • Frank Overdyk

    Dr. Frank Overdyk

  • Angie Parks

  • Melinda Perrin

  • Charity Rivera

    Charity Rivera

  • Michael Shabot

    Dr. Michael Shabot

  • Dr. Kathleen Stevens

  • Patricia Toney

    Patricia Toney

  • Eve Woods

    Eve Woods

  • Carol Wratten

    Dr. Carol Wratten