Louise Batz

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About the NAN Scholarship Award

The NAN Scholarship Award was established in Honor of Nancy Negley Krissoff, lovingly called Nan by all who knew her. Nancy was born and raised in San Antonio. Nancy was a graduate of Saint Mary’s Hall and the University of Texas, and spent many happy years as a camper and a counselor at Camp Honey Creek. Upon graduation from the University, Nancy moved to San Francisco to become a teacher. She loved teaching and was ideally suited to it. She had the patience of a saint. Her students meant so much to her, as she did to them. Over the course of seven years in the Bay Area, Nancy taught first, second, and fifth grade students. After giving birth to her son Owen, Nancy chose to become a full-time mother: a new chapter which brought her great joy, and one which she hoped would be a continuation and expansion of all that she loved about teaching. Nancy died suddenly on September 30, 2012 of a brain aneurysm, leaving behind her one year old son, husband, three sisters, two brothers, three nieces, three nephews, and her parents.

To apply for the Nan Scholarship Award, please contact Laura Batz-Townsend.