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Research and Resources

To avoid errors, the most effective approach is to actively participate as a member of your healthcare team. This entails being involved in every decision related to your health care. Studies indicate that patients who take a more active role in their care generally achieve superior outcomes.

Patient Education

With so much information it’s hard to know where to turn. Below are some links assembled by our advisory board to help you get started.

Drug Information Websites

If you are concerned with a particular medication these are good resources to look up side-effects, proper dosages and usages.

Review Websites

Websites where you can get reviews to possibly help you make an informed choice when searching for a hospital or doctor.

Useful Tools and Articles

A list of other interesting articles to read and useful tools that can help prepare you and your family for their hospital stay. Knowledge is the key.


  • Healthfinder: Health topics A to Z, general health, nutrition, pregnancy, and parenting

  • Healthy children: Childhood health and wellness, development, safety, and family life

  • MedlinePlus: Health topics, drugs, herbs & supplements, and health videos

Communication with Health Care Providers



Developmental Milestones





Lead Exposure

  • CDC lead tips: Prevention tips, how exposure occurs, who is at risk

  • EPA lead brochure: Health effects of lead, how to prevent exposure, where to go for more information. English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, and Somali versions


Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicine

Herbs and Supplements

Partnering to distribute guides:

While we encourage patients and their caregivers to download our guides and actively use them during their hospital stay, we also work with hospitals and healthcare centers to proactively distribute guides to patients. Thanks to these partnerships, we’ve distributed over 40,000 free guides to patients and families across the globe. Learn more about how your hospital can partner with the Batz Foundation.

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