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Our Purpose

Batz FamilyEach year in this country, roughly 200,000 people die and another 2 million fall victim to preventable medical errors during their stay in the hospital. These numbers make preventable medical errors the third leading cause of death in the United States, and they cost the healthcare system billions of dollars each year.

The reduction of medical errors in our hospital systems is too large for any one group to realistically conquer. This problem must be addressed by the entire community. Together, we can keep our families safe from harm

Our Greatest is Hope is that Batz Foundation will help families and Patients to truly become part of the healthcare team. Below are the Five Guiding principles we try to achieve to help you navigate your health and hospital experience. We want to:

Empower you to be part of a team

We want you to be a participant in your own care. We want to help you and your family know what to ask and when in order to make the most of each visit with your care providers.

Help you feel in control

The hospital experience can be scary and you can often feel out of control or out of the loop. We want you to be able to coherently discuss the details of past events and know exactly what you can do to help.

Encourage you to never give up

Sometimes it feels like too much to handle. We want to help you understand that you are not in this alone and that your team members and loved ones are depending on you.

Walk you through it step by step

We want help you understand what you can do at each step of the journey to take care of yourself or your loved one. What should you do next? What are the most important questions to ask the doctor? How can you make the most of your time when all you can do is sit and wait?

Talk to you like a human being

Hospital jargon is confusing and can make you feel detached from your care. You want to be spoken to like an individual so that you can better communicate with your team.