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It takes a TEAM to manage a patient’s care safely. Many people will interact with a patient before their healthcare journey is complete. Using The Batz Guide can help patients and healthcare providers feel that they are an important part of the TEAM. We all need to work together to Advocate for the patient.


TAKE a copy of The Batz Guide and tell your healthcare TEAM and family about it. Use The Batz Guide all along the course of your illness or procedure to write down important questions or medical information. Examples: Physician’s Office, Pre-Op, Hospital Stay, Discharge, Home care and Follow-Up visits.

ENGAGE in conversation about The Batz Guide with your community healthcare TEAM, at any time during your healthcare journey. Encour- age those who haven’t used The Batz Guide to get a copy from their healthcare TEAM, for themselves or other family members.

ASK your healthcare TEAM for a copy of The Batz Guide. After reviewing it, ask your healthcare TEAM any questions you may have about your care and treatments.

MENTION The Batz Guide often and ask your healthcare TEAM to help you complete and fax a survey for continued improvement, before being discharged or at any other time you are using The Batz Guide during your healthcare journey.

” I always say that when my Mom was in the hospital we had a great doctor, a great nurse and a great family but great players do NOT make a great TEAM. We did not work well together as a team that day. My Mom lost her life because of it. If we all work together as a TEAM I know that we can get to ZERO preventable medical errors in this country.” ~ Laura Batz Townsend Co-Founder of the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation.