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The intention of this App is to provide a tool for families, medical staff, and patients that helps them to monitor care in real time. In addition to charts for medication prescriptions, the App will enable a patient to set alerts and triggers to help remind of medication times while trying to prevent over dosage or wrong dosage.

The App acts as a digital library allowing a person to look up terms with which they are not familiar and is filled with everything from videos and articles to help them learn more about the risks associated with things such as high blood pressure and undiagnosed sleep apnea, to pictures and charts that illustrate how to spot kinked IV lines and unplugged leg compressors. In addition, by tracking vital signs such as temperature, an individual will be able to transfer those signs to a graph in order to help a medical team better follow trends and concerns over shift changes. This means that if there was a steady but slow rise in temperature over several hours, a new doctor would be able to more quickly identify the patient as a risk for sepsis, thus decreasing the likelihood of that person being permanently harmed or killed.