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Providing life-long learning opportunities to improve health outcomes

At the Louise Batz Patient Safety Foundation, we understand the devastating impact that medical errors can have on patients and their families and we are committed to providing resources to help patients and caregivers navigate their healthcare journey.

We believe that changing the system and supporting patients starts with education. That’s why we offer an ever-expanding list of resources and tools to help caregivers, patients and medical providers better understand and address the underlying issues associated with preventable medical errors. To work toward opportunities to give patients the tools they need to be more informed members of their care team, we have developed a series of patient safety guides to support their healthcare experience.


Our hope is that you and your family can use this guide in order to improve the quality of your loved one’s hospital stay. We hope that by using the guide, you will be better equipped to aid the care team in the reduction of adverse events.


Together, we can work towards reducing preventable medical errors and improving patient safety. Join us in our mission to create a safer, healthier future for all.

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